lexi c
Amazing!! Highly recommend the gyro meat. The side salad was excellent.
Susan Christmas
Loved it here! Staff was friendly and the food was fantastic.
Karlyn Membreno
I love Mediterranean food and visited some restaurants but without a doubt this is the best 100% I recommend it☺️
Michelle McKinnon
Really tasty…my food was great and I LOVE the mint lemonade. So refreshing!
nunya bizz
Me & bae were out shopping and it happened to b Easter day & every restaurant we chose was closed. I had a thought to try Illegal burrito but like I said it was closed. Bae was n the mood for some Mediterranean so we gave Falafel king a try. Omg,Delicious! We had the swarama and gyro with pita bread; Bae had chicken & beef and I had lamb & chicken. Don't ask me which is which between a gyro or swarama because I'm not sure Ok this wasn't my 1st experience with Mediterranean food. I had it at a shop in the Riverwalk. The chicken was awful there but the lamb was so good so I decided to get the lamb here. Guess wat? The chicken ANNND the lamb was FANTASTIC here. The chicken was seared I believe that's wat its called was so delicious and flavorful but the lamb..o my goodness😋..the lamb was something so MUCH BETTER Here it was served on a generous bed of yellow rice we couldn't eat everything in one sitting honestly. We had pita bread, some stuff that looked like sour cream, that chick pea paste with chopped garlic chickpeas on top of that & a salad on side of that with the rice. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the names but bae knows it. Anyway you just top ur pita bread with these sides like a small handheld sandwich or u can eat it like a regular meal off a plate with a fork- it's up 2 u. I'm glad I came & if u gave them a try I'm sure u would b glad u did 2 I know I'm coming back!
Kiko Sunderland
We ordered the King's Combination and 3 different flatbreads for a fabulous Easter feast. Their mint lemonade slushie was so refreshing and our meal was topped off with divine pastries. Everything was delicious and the service was excellent! I highly recommend Falafel King. Can't wait to go back!
Hala Zidan
So delicious and tasty middle easterners food I wish you have 10 stars every Saturday I went to eat there with my family the flatbread With beef is so professional and tasty you should try it &they have different kind of flavor like beef , cheese , and lebna with Zagreb for vegetarians people and they have Gyro plate that my favorite dish comes with rice & salad and they have shawarma chicken and beef they have grill teka and kobob and they have falafel and appetizers ,and Lebanese tea with mint :) everything you like to eat you can find it there I highly recommended to go and try different kind of food and you will be back gain :)thank you for yummy food .
Nhu Tran
I would give them 10 stars if I could. Nice little place with flavorful food and great staff. Don't take my word for it, try for yourself and you'll agree with me :)
Ayat Alrahahleh
Great food and service ! Highly recommend The meat in pita ( arias ) is delicious
Natalie Frances Juengling
Spectacular place & great service!! 👍